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booster gold vol. 2 #11


booster gold vol. 2 #11

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»still waiting« by anatol knotek
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»still waiting« by anatol knotek

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I call this justice.

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"The first person I ever revealed my identity to was Dick Grayson. He was about the same age I was when my parents were killed. His parents, circus acrobats - had been murdered. And I wanted to make a difference in his life the way, if my parents had lived, they would have made a difference in mine."

-Batman: Hush

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"You’ve been hurt Kori, Well, not just you- me, Jason…But we’ve found each other. We’re going to be fine."

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 Batwoman #6: Kate Kane 

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DC meme - (4/10) characters
The Flash/Barry Allen

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save rock and roll + snapchat

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Stand up straight. We're about to die gloriously.